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July 2010

OPERATION SMART Our X1 version is now ready for the market and has been tested at two of our current sites. They are now both live and all the required functionality is running smoothly

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OPERATION SMART is a 100% customisable dynamic operational management application that hosts a very comprehensive CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) module; a Project Administration module, a Human Resource Module, Document Management module, Vendor Management module, Stock Management module and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module.

The application is very user friendly and only takes a day or two of training to make use of the system. Training can run up to 2 weeks for the advanced (administrator) user however, to execute general maintenance and project administration, 2 days will be sufficient for most end-users.

The main menu is accompanied by dozens of sub-menus that are in table view with powerful filtering and searching features. Furthermore, a user may export tables to a variety of file types including email. The item/s that an end-user is searching for takes milliseconds and is accompanied with mass amounts of linked data if immediate information is required. This can save having to run reports when information is requested for general preview only.

As time moves on regardless of the implementation more and more information is accumulated. By following simple rules of data entry execution the system will become more and more automated with the amount of data that is auto populated. This means that in just a few months of operation, the user may only have to enter information into five or six fields and have over forty fields auto populated.