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July 2010

OPERATION SMART Our 2010 version is now ready for the market and has been tested at two of our current sites. They are now both live and all the required functionality is running smoothly

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Application development of business management software. In many cases companies find themselves with software applications that are just missing a few features that would deliver a complete solution. However, such additions could be very costly and difficult to justify. That's where we at FMMS can make a huge difference. With RDP (Rapid Development Products) we can give most companies exactly what they are looking for at a cost that is justifiable.

We also develop interfacing system for data integration between two or more systems. This can be interfacing applications between CMMS, Project and Production systems and transferring (and/or collecting) data to (or from) an ERP application etc. It may also include constructing a centralised reporting module where managers can run reports from several systems to one point of entry.

Web-development design and development from general web-application to very advanced.

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