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July 2010

OPERATION SMART Our X1 version is now ready for the market and has been tested at two of our current sites. They are now both live and all the required functionality is running smoothly

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Making use of our Planning Office Methodology:

With reference to the above, there is also the service aspect of vendor management with reference to Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, Building Maintenance etc. Why settle for less when you can settle for the best. Many company's become complacent with who they use and in many cases it is understandable. It is difficult to register new vendors and at the same time you are not sure whether the services you expect or want from a new vendor is the service you will get. Furthermore, do you have in place a method (or the time) to monitor all the work that each and every vendor delivers? The saying "better the devil you know than you don't know" comes into play. We at Tonesat can change this for you by working towards identifying the best vendor available with regards to price, time and quality. Every service performed that is carried out is evaluated. This starts from the time that the work is requested right up until work and transactional completion.

What we can achieve is a win-win situation for everyone. This is achieved by informing vendors of their strengths and weakness in order for them to continuously improve and at the same token the client doesn't have to constantly monitor the work performed.

By investing in our service methodology you can also start to minimise facilities and maintenance outsourcing which as many company's have experienced, is sometimes better on paper than in reality.